Data Analysis

Most organizations have systems that excel at collecting data, but the question becomes how do you sort through it all so that it becomes useful for management and provides meaningful information for your board, the legislature, and the public.

Need to quickly analyze and picture mountains of data? Click above.

I have over 20 years of experience using Excel and the power of pivot tables to analyze both financial and statistical data.

The data can be extracted from your statistical and accounting systems, or selected from the web then be combined, sliced and diced as needed.

The selected information can be presented as table, chart, dashboard, or combined in a PowerPoint presentation.

I can train your staff to maintain the databases or assist you in the maintenance via web meetings.


  • Reports are designed to meet your needs
  • You'll be able to analyze:
    • Service data by location
    • Provider performance
    • Client demographics
    • Donations by town
    • Expenditure by fund
  • Access data you have available in-house or via the web
  • I provide fast turnaround
  • I can manage your database or can train you how to design and manage your own