Management Systems Consulting & Design

Whether you need a simple budget, a more complex database or an entire accounting system, Capital Accounting can help. If you are new to business, I can design a chart of accounts, develop accounting procedures and train staff. If you have been operating for some time, I can review your operation and suggest ways to make life easier.

I can design applications that fit your management needs. I pride myself in quickly analyzing needs and developing simple, easy-to-understand solutions. Well-designed applications can make jobs that now seem complex and frustrating jobs much easier. With the advent of electronic file sharing via e-mail and live web meetings, most design and follow-up work can be done effectively, efficiently and at a reasonable cost.


  • Gain access to financial information by:
    • Program
    • Project
    • Geographic area
  • Use cash flow projections
  • Use statistical analysis on its own, or combined with financial data, such as:
    • Cost per service
    • Other financial data
  • Audit preparation
  • Benefits for the Board:
    • Develop better management tools
    • Design reports that engage the board