Quickbooks & Accounting Training

Nothing is more critical to the ability to manage an organization than having financial reports that are accurate, timely and designed to ease decision-making. The first step is to have a good basic knowledge of what accounting really is. With that knowledge you can set up QuickBooks software to give you the information you need—when you need it.

I offer the following classes. Click on a course name for more information:

Accounting 101

This class is designed to give managers and non-financial folks a better understanding of the accounting function. You will learn the very basics of accounting and understand how one can turn everyday business documents (invoices, cash receipts) into financial statements that the organization can use to manage its business. The class will be mostly lecture but will give participants an opportunity to create a simple accounting system for their organization's use. You will learn:

  • The difference between assets, liabilities, net assets, income, and expense
  • How to design a workable chart of accounts
  • How to read balance sheets and income statements
  • What cash flows are
  • The difference between cash and accrual accounting and which is best for your organization
  • What you can do on your own and when you should call for help
  • The basics of payroll
  • An overview of QuickBooks accounting software


QuickBooks is an accounting software program that can be configured to handle organizations of virtually any size and complexity. In this class, we will use a sample company to learn how to set up QuickBooks, generate a series of pre-configured reports and write reports.


  • Training is designed to meet your organization's needs
  • Training is available for all PC versions of Quickbooks
  • Follow-ups are always available